Friday, December 14, 2012

First Entry!

Welcome to the Wide World of Crabbe….This is my first ever blog post so please bare with me as I am picking this up as I go along.  To start things off I would like to thank Mr. Daday who gave me the idea several months ago to blog about what I know best, sports.  So with that being said my blogs will be mostly about sports, with a few random life thoughts thrown in there from time to time.  Most of my sports blogs will be about sports that are currently in season.  I will also do my best to look at sports as a whole and not completely emphasize on my favorite teams even though at times it might be hard not to talk about MU hoops and ND football all the time.  Also please feel free to comment and ask questions or bring up ideas you would like me to tackle. 

Ok so now onto the first topic, the Big East.  I am very excited that the basketball power of the Big East finally stepped up and put a stop to the greed of college football.  For long enough, the likes of Marquette, Georgetown, Villanova, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, and yes even DePaul have let the football Big East members control the direction of the Conference.  However, other than the greed of money, I never understood why basketball schools with great traditions would be bullied around by the likes of UCONN, USF, Cincinnati, and Louisville Football(not exactly powerhouses in football)  The decision to create a new conference with basketball as the focus makes great sense for the 7 basketball schools.  It’s great to see the Catholic 7 make a stand.  Now I am not one for the whole poaching of teams from other conferences but I am realistic and know that in order for this new conference to survive, it needs to add a few teams to round things out.  The idea being thrown around is grabbing Universities from Urban areas.  I would like to see Butler, Xavier, Dayton, Creighton, and St. Louis be added to the Catholic 7 and form the new Big East or the Big Urban Conference or BUC for short, since we all know that college sports is about making that buck and not looking out for the student athlete.  Until next time, “keep on keeping on.”